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Unlock your potential and revolutionize your practice with a cutting-edge, evidence-based framework.


Backed by a supportive community, expert guidance for implementing group programming in your practice, and time-saving resources, this platform empowers you to make a lasting impact on your clients!


EXERSHINEkids memberships are tailored to your individual needs, offering a range of options for trained and certified clinicians to seamlessly integrate this framework into your practice.


Whether you work in a school, clinic, mobile setting, or beyond, we've got you covered. EXERSHINEkids provides the content, community, and support you need to elevate your 1:1 sessions and group interventions to new heights.

Training and Membership Overview:

Get started with a pre-requisite training and certification workshop:


Gain confidence in the theories, evidence, and frameworks behind this program with  Part 1 of the training.


Practice using the framework with fidelity in a group setting and for increased comfort in a 1:1 setting during Part 2 of the training.


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Upon completing the EXERSHINEkids Two Part Training, you will become a certified and trained solo provider, ready to incorporate high-intensity treatment activities into your 1:1 sessions.

Next Steps After Training:

Your name will be featured on our website as a certified solo provider, highlighting your ability to elevate your 1:1 treatment sessions through impactful high-intensity treatment activities that follow our philosophy and framework.  


If You Are Ready to Take Your Practice to the NEXT LEVEL

If you are ready to run EXERSHINEkids groups or if you feel overwhelmed coming up with consistent framework-aligning activities for your 1:1 sessions , we've got you covered with an EXERSHINEkids Membership option!

Memberships are designed to help you seamlessly integrate this impactful framework into your practice.


Say goodbye to:

  • ¬†planning hassles and off hours planning
  • ¬†paying staff for prep time
  • creating your own¬†intervention ideas
  • not having enough afterschool spots to service kiddos
  • losing money on frequent cancellations


Memberships provide consistent content ensuring you implement exercise-based interventions with fidelity. With almost a decade of development, our time saving activity ideas,  protocols and content promise to create a significant impact on your clients in both 1:1 sessions and EXERSHINEkids groups.



EXERSHINEkids Membership Options:

Individual Membership:


Designed for clinicians who want to implement the EXERSHINEkids framework in 1:1 sessions without spending hours planning. Get monthly content based on our evidence-based protocols merged with 25 years of experience from a seasoned sensory-informed pediatric OT. 

Group Membership Options:


For those ready to officially join our growing evidence-based EXERSHINEkids POWER Bootcamp Group Community and run groups as an add-on cash-based service. Two customized group membership options are available for different practice sizes. 

No matter where you work, EXERSHINEkids offers the content, community, and support to optimize the use of this framework in your sessions and groups. Trained and certified clinicians gain access to:

  • A wealth of framework activity ideas
  • Monthly content based on evidence-based protocols
  • Group memberships tailored to your practice size

Join the EXERSHINEKids community and unleash the potential of this evidence-based framework in your practice!

EXERSHINEkids Membership Options:

Individual Membership:

Expertly designed for clinicians seeking to effortlessly integrate the EXERSHINEkids framework into 1:1 sessions, our individual membership delivers monthly content aligned with our evidence-based protocols. Benefit from over 25 years of expertise from a seasoned sensory-informed pediatric OT, offering weekly HIIT warmups and weekly theme-based gross motor, fine motor, and visual motor activities. Elevate your sessions with ease and effectiveness!

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Small/ Medium  Practice Membership:

Our Small/Medium Practice Membership is tailored for practices with less than 8 clinicians, offering exclusive weekly EXERSHINEkids POWER Bootcamp content for running weekly groups at your practice. Gain all the essential tools for seamless program implementation, including templates, marketing materials and more. You will also have monthly group meetings with our founder to guarantee success and fidelity. Join now to bring EXERSHINEkids to your practice!

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Large Practice Membership:

Join our Large Practice Membership for seamless implementation of multiple EXERSHINEkids POWER Bootcamp groups weekly! You'll receive novel content weekly, expert guidance and templates for easy implementation, monthly group meetings with our founder, personalized 1:1 implementation support, including Voxer, and training resources for rehab aides and interns. Perfect for practices with 8+ clinicians committed to maximizing their impact!

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What Our Trained and Certified Clinicians are Saying

Very interesting workshop and great membership- it gave me tons of ideas to implement in treatment sessions of how to create engagement in exercises and choose intentional exercises impacting regulation

This is brilliant and I love that is already packaged. It makes so much sense and needs to be out into the world

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and am excited to implement this into practice. I also feel that aside from running bootcamps, the exershine training will greatly benefit my one to one sessions with kiddos.

Great course, I am so excited to see part 2 and start implementing into my clinic; We are a growing clinic and in desperate need for a Pedi exercise program for so many of my kiddos who only come 1x a week! I am so happy to bring this material to Texas and SHINE a new light on exercise for my kids! Will definitely recommend to all my colleagues and friends !

Would definitely recommend this course and the membership to colleagues. I left feeling excited and ready to use what I've learned with my kids and I know they are going to love it. Such a refreshing boost of treatment ideas and implementation strategies.

I  was excited about this program leading into the course today making plans for including this as a unique offering at our clinic’s new location. After going through the training today, feeling the confidence to hit the ground running, and knowing Amy will be there to support making adaptations to use in my smaller clinic space now before the move, I can't wait to start!. 

The materials included make it helpful for busy clinicians to put the program into place immediately, Amy has taken all of the prep and guess work out of the program. As a clinician starting in a new practice setting this helps me use a program that I believe in based on its principles but removes any barriers, Amy has thought of it all with her membership options! Thank you for sharing your program with us and helping us bring it to our clients and communities!