What the Clinicians are saying...

I thought the training was great. It's so beneficial learning the science behind the intentional exercises/activities/protocols that we implement in the field of OT and specifically for the ExerSHINE bootcamps. Gaining that deeper understanding helps us (the practitioners) help the kids, families, and communities we serve.

The interactive components were helpful in bringing all of information about the program together. The evidence-based framework that was provided is also a strength, as this will drive occupational therapists to utilize this program to improve outcomes in their clients.

Amy's passion for the program, combined with the Interactive model, ability to practice what we learn as we go, ability to collaborate with others on their experience

The small group of attendees made me more comfortable to participate in the interactive parts of the class. The interactive parts were fun and they were great practice in preparation for potentially establishing an ExerShine class at my clinic. They skills we practiced can also carryover to my usual 1:1 sessions with my clients.

I really enjoyed how the course was split into both lecture and hands on learning, practicing leading the bootcamp class. I am a hands on learner and I believe practicing leading the bootcamp class with the support of Amy in this course was very beneficial. I also enjoyed how the lecture was interactive and challenged us to think and ideate different exercises and activities that can be used within the bootcamp to target various sensory systems.

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