What the Clinicians are saying...

I thought the training was great. It's so beneficial learning the science behind the intentional exercises/activities/protocols that we implement in the field of OT and specifically for the ExerSHINE bootcamps. Gaining that deeper understanding helps us (the practitioners) help the kids, families, and communities we serve.

The interactive components were helpful in bringing all of information about the program together. The evidence-based framework that was provided is also a strength, as this will drive occupational therapists to utilize this program to improve outcomes in their clients.

Amy's passion for the program, combined with the Interactive model, ability to practice what we learn as we go, ability to collaborate with others on their experience

The small group of attendees made me more comfortable to participate in the interactive parts of the class. The interactive parts were fun and they were great practice in preparation for potentially establishing an ExerShine class at my clinic. They skills we practiced can also carryover to my usual 1:1 sessions with my clients.

I really enjoyed how the course was split into both lecture and hands on learning, practicing leading the bootcamp class. I am a hands on learner and I believe practicing leading the bootcamp class with the support of Amy in this course was very beneficial. I also enjoyed how the lecture was interactive and challenged us to think and ideate different exercises and activities that can be used within the bootcamp to target various sensory systems.

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Individual Trained and Certified Practitioners

Chelsea Maziarz OT- Bizzy Bees Cumberland, RI

Randal Fedoruk OT- Sensation Station Warwick RI, Franklin, MA

Chasity Hagerty OTD, OTR/L - Flip for Function Nashville, TN

Kristen Husband OTR/L Alphabet Soup, Rhode Island

Michelle McPhillips OTR/ -LIVEly, Minnesota

Pepper Gallagher OTD OTR/L - Coastal Kids Occupational Therapy, PLLC, Maine

Kristy Davies OT? Elevate Health and Therapeutic Services, Mt Laurel,NJ

Kim Bloms OT - Kids In Motion Pediatric Therapy & Wellness, North Dakota

Tricia OBrien OT - Springboard Pediatric Therapy NJ

Tatya Altunyan COTA Practitioner - NJ & NY

Kailee Salerno COTA/L - PlaySenseLearn @ Worcester Fitness, Massachusetts

Lauren Fong OT, SmallTalk Pediatric Therapy, CA

LaDonna Bannach OTR/L - Beyond Boundaries Therapy Services, ND

Maggie Holzhauer COTA/ - Arkansas

Sandra Harouni OT - California

Lauren Goldsberry OT, Springboard Pediatric Therapy, NJ

Abbey Rosen OT, KidsThrive, NY

Christina Swendra OT, Embrace Therapy Service, ND

Christine Hollman OTR/L, Stepping Stones Occupational Therapy, MN

Nicole Roman OTR, Colte Dice, Puerto Rico

Jenna Weisz MS, OTR/L, Wonderment Therapies PLLC, ND

Michaelene Kearney OTR and COT, Children in Motion Therapy Services, LLC, Georgia

Nichole Elmendorf OTR, Progressive Beginnings Wisconsin

Paige Murray COTA, Children in Motion, Georgia

Aimee OTR/L ,Balanced Beeing OTCT

Kelsey Gries OTR/L, Ohana, Washington State

Kristi Hinckley OTR/L, Beaches Nature Therapy, FL

Staci Worm MOT, OTR/L, Butler County Health Roots to Shoots, Nebraska

Tamara Loke MScOT, Leading Edge Physiotherapy Alberta, Canada

Karalyn Herban OTR/L, Ready Set Grow Therapy NJ

Quinn Normandeau OTR/L, Saco Bay Kids Pediatric Therapy, Maine

Kendall Glover OT, Envision hope pediatric therapy

Erica Grace Hou OT, Bonsall Unified School District CA

Jessica Tindal OT, Awesome Kids OT, NSW Australia

Brittnie Freidenberg ORT/L, Saco Bay Kids Maine

Erin Subatis, OT, Massachusetts

Tajhma Burroughs, OT, Connecticut

Aslyn DeHart White, North Carolina

Susan Belli, OT, New York

Cara Chow, OT, SK Canada

Elizabeth Legg, OT, Ohio

Amy Drinkwater, OT, Florida

Leichia Davis, OT, Ohio

Jeannine Eastland, OT, New York

Janmarie Delaney, OT, Massachusetts

Jilleanne Miller, OT, Massachusetts

Michelle Smith, OT, Massachusetts

Michele I Mathers, OT, Massachusetts

The listed above are currently trained and certified