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In today’s modern society,  increased use of devices and more sedentary youth lifestyles is negatively impacting motor development, nervous system maturation and sensory processing skill development amongst our youth - resulting in more children needing support to facilitate sensory, motor, and social development.

Pediatric OTs see the impact of these developmental trends as an increasing number of parents seek OT support for their child to address self regulation and sensory processing challenges. 

Recent studies indicate that the prevalence of sensory processing disorder ranges from 5-10% for children without disabilities and from 40–88% for children with identified needs.

To combat this, we’ve created an evidence-based, fidelity tested Power Bootcamp Program that uses high intensity physical exercise, infused with OT principles & frames of reference to target sensory reactivity and facilitate improved sensory processing among kids of all ages.

"I was excited about this program leading into the course today making plans for including this as a unique offering at our clinics new location.  After going through the training today, feeling the confidence to hit the ground running, and knowing Amy will be there to support making adaptations to use in my smaller clinic space now before the move, I can't wait to start.  The materials included make it helpful for busy clinicians to put the program into place immediately, Amy has taken all of the prep and guess work out of the program.  As a clinician starting in a new practice setting this helps me use a program that I believe in based on its principles but removes any barriers, Amy has thought of it all.  Thank you for sharing your program with us and helping us bring it to our clients and communities!"
- KH

How does it work? 

Designed by a pediatric OT, the ExerSHINE Kids POWER Bootcamp program aims to foster strength and enhance self regulation in children, especially in kiddos with sensory processing challenges by: 

  1. Harnessing the neurochemical release from high intensity exercise
  2. Targeting sensory integration principles
  3. Using meaningful themes, graded activities, visual supports and “just right challenges” and 
  4. Utilizing foundations of group dynamics to facilitate social participation and promote improved function in daily occupations. 

At its core, the ExerSHINE Kids POWER Bootcamp Program acknowledges the invaluable strength and motor skills that are developed through physical exercise, but also targets exercise as a change agent to improve self regulation and functional outcomes in children with sensory processing challenges.

And, we’ve done the research to prove it…

The 2019 clinical trial of the ExerSHINE Kids POWER Bootcamp Program, conducted by the ExerSHINE Bootcamp POWER Program’s founder Dr Amy Wheadon, measured both improvements in specific sensory processing skills and functional outcomes in daily occupations. 

Significant measurable improvements were noted in:

  • Tactile Processing
  • Body Awareness
  • Balance and motion
  • Praxis and planning
  • ADL performance
  • IADL performance
  • Increased focus for peer interactions & social participation

Astounding and measurable results matched the qualitative and anecdotal data that me, my team, and countless parents, teachers and other professionals were observing on a regular basis. 

By using intense physical exercise to target sensory reactivity and to facilitate improved sensory processing, participants demonstrated decreased impulsivity and decreased sensory seeking reactions, suggesting that the program targets sensory reactivity in the tactile, proprioceptive and vestibular systems.

This decrease in impulsivity and sensory seeking led to visible improvements in functional outcomes related to ADL and IADL skill development, as well as social outcomes as measured using the REAL and GAS Goals. 

Consistent with sensory integration theory, this research suggests that providing a child with sensory input in a structured, organized way will facilitate increased independence and success with his or her daily occupations. Each of these areas will be further explored in subsequent studies.


My daughter's strength and confidence has improved so much during the bootcamp program! She enjoys going to class each week, and we can't say enough good things about her instructors. They are so kind and truly care for the kids. I highly recommend ExerSHINE Kids for your child's OT needs.
- JS

 Who can benefit from
ExerSHINE Kids POWER Bootcamp Program?

In short - EVERYONE! 

Children of all ages and ability levels have demonstrated increased strength, sensory processing, social skills and participation in functional activities as a result of their experience in the ExerSHINE Kids Bootcamp Program

The program has been specifically designed to increase confidence, empowerment and pride in the children who participate by entwining self awareness, self advocacy, and independent use of strategies within the high-intensity sessions. 

ExerSHINE Kids has designed a variety of POWER Bootcamp programs for children ages 3-5 years, 5-8 years, 8-12 years and 12+ years. 

However, with the research so far centring around the therapeutic outcomes of POWER Bootcamp for 5-8 year olds, this program, this is the stream which is currently available.. 

Additional programs for children ages 3-5, 8-12, and 12+ will be released in the future following further research.

I signed my daughter up for bootcamp this summer with hopes she would gain some independence. I was fearful for her transition to school. Since she has joined boot camp she has become more confident, independent, and empowered! I have no reservations that she will be hesitant going into school, thanks to ExerSHINE Kids!   
- KB

Where it all began… 

Hi, I’m Dr Amy Wheadon, OTD, OTR/L 

A licensed and registered pediatric occupational therapist, certified personal trainer, youth exercise specialist, mom of 3, distance runner & strength & conditioning enthusiast.

I founded ExerSHINE Kids by combining my love of exercise with my passion for pediatric OT

I embraced high intensity exercise when I was in graduate school, working towards my masters in occupational therapy. My daily workouts improved my overall endurance, cardiovascular health, and muscle strength, but that is not what sparked my motivation to commit to regular exercise.  Running and weightlifting also enhanced my focus, organization and participation in daily occupations.

Exercise became a daily tool that I successfully used for my own regulation, emotional health and connection with others. Working out in a group also provided me with a sense of community and belonging, which contributed to my well-being and self-confidence.

I also recognized that kiddos who participated in my individual sessions, and other group programs using exercise as a primary change agent demonstrated similar outcomes. 

In addition, these children benefited from:

  • structure
  • guided exercises
  • meaningful themes with multi-sensory supports
  • graded activities
  • an individualized “just right challenge”

These components have all of which have been carefully and deliberately incorporated into the ExerSHINE Kids POWER Bootcamp protocol.

Engaging and meaningful activities target improved performance components (i.e. core strength, shoulder stability, motor planning, endurance, sensory processing, proprioception, vestibular input) and also facilitate improved regulation for enhanced social participation and increased engagement in leisure and play occupations.


"His teachers asked me 'what has changed- what is he doing differently this year- he is a whole different child', and I told them the only difference was he was part of a research study at ExerSHINE"
– NM

How to introduce Bootcamp in your clinic...

We’ve created a two part training designed to give you everything you need to understand the evidence and seamlessly integrate novel and current programming into your practice

Part 1 Pre-recorded Distance Learning Format

Discusses the theory, evidence and OT frameworks that inspired the use of high intensity exercise as a change agent in pediatric OT practice. During this self paced training, you will learn WHY this framework is effective and HOW to apply it to your 1:1 OT sessions. 

Part 2- Virtual Live Distance Learning Format

Teaches you everything you need to know to confidently implement the EXERSHINEkids POWER Bootcamp Program with fidelity in your practice. Part 2 includes practicum, lab components and certification as a trained bootcamp clinician.


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My son is someone who greatly benefits from being physically active, but he is not always motivated to get up and move. He struggles with motor planning and doesn’t have much confidence in himself when it comes to physical activity. Since starting OT Bootcamp with Amy, I’ve seen that start to change. He comes out of his class sweaty, smiling and proud!
- JN