Small/ Med Sized Practice Membership Package

(1-8 clinicians)


  • Individual Practitioner wanting to launch your own private practice
  • An individual practitioner who wants to run consistent groups in community settings
  • A school based practitioner who has the ability to run before school or afterschool group programming, or who services a group of kiddos in a substantially separate classroom
  • A practitioner who owns or works in a mobile practice and wants to add weekly groups, summer programs, vacation programs at a site
  • A clinic owner with a small or medium sized clinic and a small number (1-8) of staff clinicians
  • A clinic owner with a clinic that is growing and has a need for reliable, sustainable income and opportunities to bring in new clients through running groups
  • A lead therapist in a small or medium sized clinic setting or mobile home setting
  • A therapist working in any setting with some group experience who wants to strengthen and build on this experience


  • You love this philosophy and use high intensity exercise and HIIT style workout in your 1:1 sessions, but you are ready for more!
  • You own or run a clinic that offers 1:1 services, and you know that group programming can both support client outcomes and provide reliable consistent income and a referral basis, but you have no idea how to get started and you want to start small
  • You have staff who are passionate about exercise and are capable of running groups, but paying for protocol design and prep time makes groups unsustainable
  • You work with a population of sensory seekers who do well in 1:1 sessions, but “fall apart” in group settings and have a hard time with carryover
  • You are running out of afterschool spots for 1:1 sessions
  • You have families that don’t want to discharge, but the kiddo is ready, and you want to be able to still support these kiddos in group environments
  • Your cancellation rates skyrocket during summer, school vacation weeks, inclement weather closures, holidays, and winter illness- there has to be a better way to guarantee a stable income
  • You work with kiddos who could benefit from exercise for health and/or regulation
  • You work with an underserved population with limited access to affordable care and equipment for carryover
  • Your client’s caregivers/ teachers are willing and able to carry over simple, functional ideas


In 2016, I took the leap to open my own private OT practice and to run bootcamp classes; 1:1 were conducted in my home, in a converted finished basement, and I ran bootcamp groups at a friend's gym. As the structure of these bootcamp groups took shape, the community began to take notice. The results were astounding, and interestingly, many participants also happened to be kids in need of OT support.

As my private practice rapidly grew, I saw an opportunity for synergy—kids transitioning from 1:1 sessions seamlessly joined bootcamp classes. This blend of therapeutic progression and community engagement fueled the remarkable growth of my practice. And thus, my journey with exercise-led OT interventions shaped not just my practice but the lives of the incredible kiddos I had the privilege to work with. 🌟

After a year and a half of running my private practice and bootcamp classes from my house and a friend's gym, it became clear—I needed more space! Taking the plunge, I rented a small space that allowed for both 1:1 sessions and bootcamp classes. With a growing client base of 25 kids a week, this move increased the versatility, allowing kids to seamlessly transition from 1:1 sessions to bootcamp classes. It also facilitated my role as an instructor while supervising my small but expanding team of three therapists.

This setup allowed me to teach multiple classes weekly and add more as the demand grew. As kids registered for bootcamp, then smoothly switched to OT eval and sessions (or added them), the process became easy for caregivers and accessible for kiddos. Researching the program's benefits, I realized I could recommend bootcamp as an adjunct to 1:1 sessions, offering increased treatment frequency without imposing large deductible payments multiple times per week. The camaraderie, friendships, and bonding happening in the classes were simply priceless.

From a clinic owner's perspective, the structured, consistent income model—families registering for 8-week sessions and paying upfront, regardless of attendance—proved invaluable. As I had collected and saved protocols, my trained therapists could seamlessly run classes without prep time, optimizing the cost-benefit of the program. The popularity of bootcamp classes, and subsequently my clinic, continued to soar.



  • 50 weekly protocols with visuals and multiple video examples- New sessions are released every 8 weeks, and new groups and additional content bundles are added annually
  • 10 weeks of holiday protocols with visuals -available prior to designated holidays
  • FULL access to the EXERSHINEkids POWER Bootcamp Portal while you are a member
  • Use of the EXERSHINEkids logos
  • Listed on EXERSHINEkids website as a trained and certified practitioner
  • Social Medial Shout Outs on our Insta, Facebook and LInkedIn Platforms
  • Marketing Materials: website templates, social media templates, how to talk to parents
  • Handout to explain program to parents
  • Clinical documentation form for easy progress tracking 
  • Templated liability waiver
  • Troubleshooting docs
  • Member of the Kajabi Group Bootcamp Community
  • One hour long, monthly group meetings with Amy- set up, marketing, tracking, trouble shooting, managing day to day ops for EXERSHINEkids- Live and recorded for those who arent able to make it

COST- $100/ month OR one payment of $1100 annually (one month free)


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