created with experience & passion
& based in evidence 

Hi, I'm Amy

(Dr Amy Wheadon, OTD, OTR/L with 20+ years pediatric OT experience)

As an adult with sensory processing differences, I realized the role daily high intensity exercise played in keeping me focused, productive, more comfortable in my own skin, and generally just a happier person… 

I also recognized that kiddos who participated in my individual sessions, and other group programs using exercise as a primary change agent demonstrated similar outcomes. 

This inspired me to infuse my love of exercise with my passion as a pediatric OT to create, design & research the ExerSHINE Kids Power Bootcamp Program. 

Once we started researching the program, we found astounding measurable results, which backed up what me, my team, and countless parents, teachers and professionals were already noticing… 

Things like significant measurable improvements in  

  • tactile processing 
  • body awareness 
  • balance and motion 
  • praxis and planning 
  • ADL performance
  • IADL performance
  • Increased focus for peer interactions & social participation

But, it’s more than just a program…

It’s also a community for children & their families, where lifelong friendships are formed.  


(And the thing that organically grew my clinic from a small private practice in my basement, to a thriving outpatient clinic with two locations.) 

The ExerSHINE Kids POWER Bootcamp program is good for your clients, your community, and your clinic!