Large Practice Membership Package

(8+ clinicians)


  • A clinic/ mobile practice owner of a large multi-disciplinary practice (8 or more staff clinicians) who has space to run groups
  • A clinic/ mobile practice owner, clinic manager or lead therapist looking to bring new programming to your practice
  • A growing practice looking for a way to bring new clients into the setting and to “soft discharge” clients into group programming
  • A clinic/ mobile practice owner already offering traditional groups, and looking for novel, evidence based programming to integrate into your group protocols
  • A clinic/ mobile practice owner looking to offset low insurance reimbursement rates and high therapist salaries with pre-designed, evidence based programming that is easy to understand and practical to implement


  • You own or run a clinic that offers 1:1 services and/ or groups, and you know that group programming can both support client outcomes and provide reliable consistent income and a referral basis
  • You have clinicians who are passionate about exercise and are capable of running groups, but paying for protocol design and prep time makes groups unsustainable 
  • You work with a population of sensory seekers who do well in 1:1 sessions, but “fall apart” in group settings and have a hard time with carryover
  • You are running out of afterschool spots for 1:1 sessions
  • You have families that don’t want to discharge, and you want to be able to still support these kiddos in group environments
  • Your cancellation rates skyrocket during summer, school vacation weeks, inclement weather closures, holidays, and winter illness- there has to be a better way to guarantee a stable income
  • You work with kiddos who could benefit from exercise for health and/or regulation 
  • You work with an underserved population with limited access to affordable care and equipment for carryover
  • Your client’s caregivers/ teachers are willing and able to carry over simple, functional ideas


I'm overjoyed to share the incredible growth of EXERSHINEkids. In 2016, I started with twenty 1:1 sessions/week, in my home, and one bootcamp class per week in my friend’s gym. Now, we have three clinics, 18 dedicated staff members, and a whopping 300 kiddos per week in 1:1 sessions, and our journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Running 15 bootcamp classes weekly, spanning age groups from preschool to teenagers, we've expanded our offerings under the EXERSHINEkids umbrella—introducing specialized programs like our girls' empowerment initiative, an executive functioning group for ADHD, and a teen conditioning weightlifting program.

But here's what truly makes us stand out: EXERSHINEkids isn't just a clinic; it's a community. Friendships have blossomed, creating a space where kiddos can connect, feel safe, be themselves, and thrive in a nurturing environment.

Our bootcamp classes don't just happen at our clinics; they extend to local private preschools and elementary schools, broadening our impact and strategically filling therapist "quiet hours." We've introduced intensives during school breaks and summers, targeting periods of less predictable attendance for 1:1 sessions. With a dedicated room equipped with all the gross motor and sensory tools imaginable, we can now accommodate eight kids simultaneously during one treatment spot, enhancing valuable peer cooperative skills.

The love for our bootcamp classes is evident, not just from kiddos but also from my clinicians. It provides a welcomed break from steady 1:1 sessions, with minimal documentation and guaranteed income. All clinicians are trained and certified in EXERSHINEkids, allowing them to run classes both at our clinic and off-site. We've also cultivated a team of trained rehab aides and interns, drawn to us because of this unique experience. Former bootcampers have returned as interns for new bootcampers, completing the full circle.

In 2023 alone, we grossed an additional $125K in income, solely from bootcamp classes! Our unique framework sets us apart in the region, making my dream a vibrant reality. And the best part? We're just getting started. 🌟


  • 50 weekly protocols with visuals and multiple video examples- New sessions are released every 8 weeks, and new groups and additional content bundles are added annually
  • 10 weeks of holiday protocols with visuals -available prior to designated holidays
  • FULL access to the EXERSHINEkids POWER Bootcamp Portal while you are a member
  • Use of the EXERSHINEkids logos
  • Listed on EXERSHINEkids website as a trained and certified practitioner
  • Social Medial Shout Outs on our Insta, Facebook and LInkedIn Platforms
  • Marketing Materials: website templates, social media templates, how to talk to parents
  • Handout to explain program to parents
  • Clinical documentation form for easy progress tracking 
  • Templated liability waiver
  • Troubleshooting docs
  • Tips and tricks for sourcing, securing, and training rehab aides and interns for support in classes 
  • One hour long, monthly group meetings with Amy- set up, marketing, tracking, trouble shooting, managing day to day ops for EXERSHINEkids- Live and recorded for those who arent able to make it


  • Member of the Kajabi Group Bootcamp Community
  • One 1:1 initial set up call with Amy to ensure program set up
  • Unlimited Voxer support with Amy for the first 3 months to help with set up and marketing 

 COST- $125/ month OR one payment of $1375 annually (one month free)

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