Individual Membership Package

(Working in a School, Clinic, Mobile)


  • Individual Practitioner working in a school, clinic, mobile/ home based practice, or residential center setting for a small or large employer
  • Foundational Understanding of Sensory Integration
  • In practice 1+ years with a strong underlying foundation as a treating clinician, and feel ready for “more” and “different” approaches
  • Passionate About Exercise- Uses exercise in everyday life for focus and calm
  • Passionate about helping kiddos with health, regulation and confidence
  • Excited to Learn a Novel/ Evidence Based Framework to use with pedi clients


  • You love this philosophy but have no idea how to get started
  • You use basic exercise components, but don't now how to incorporate the themes to make it child friendly and engaging
  • You find yourself using the same ideas over and over
  • You don't have the capacity to run groups, but want to use this framework and the ideas for 1:1 treatment sessions
  • You work with a population of sensory seekers but don't have access to traditional suspended equipment
  • You work with kiddos who could benefit from exercise for health and/or regulation 
  • You work with an underserved population with limited access to affordable care and equipment
  • Your client’s caregivers/ teachers are willing and able to carry over simple, functional ideas


In the early days of my OT journey, I naturally leaned towards using exercise as a powerful regulatory tool. From my days in OT school to stepping into my OT career as a school-based practitioner,  I witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of movement. Integrating exercises like burpees and planks into 1:1 sessions and groups within sub separate classrooms became a staple. Regardless of the setting, breaking down complex movements tied to relatable themes made the activities not just engaging but remarkably effective.

The high-intensity nature of these exercises offered my sensory-seeking clients a level of input that was hard to replicate elsewhere, and the beauty was, minimal to no equipment was needed! The benefits of exercise were accessible anywhere and everywhere.

Transitioning to a clinic setting, I elevated the use of exercise in my sessions. Agility ladders, tires, sleds, battle ropes, circuits, and, of course, the ever-popular burpees became integral. The profound health and regulatory benefits of high-intensity exercise for kids were crystal clear. I began relying on high-intensity exercise as a framework, seamlessly blending it with traditional techniques. This approach allowed me to address core strength, balance, motor planning, regulation, impulse control, sequencing, and even theme-based writing skills—all in one. With engaged and excited kiddos of all ages, I found it to be the most efficient way to achieve comprehensive treatment goals.


  • 12 thematic protocols annually, with visuals and video examples- One new theme released per month
  • Each theme includes ideas for implementation in 1:1 sessions, including gross motor, sensory motor, fine motor, visual motor and writing prompts
  • Six “15 ways to Use” Handouts annually (lists of different ways to use equipment in high intensity ways) 
  • 4 holiday protocols (released into the portal a month before the holiday)- First year-Halloween, Winter/ Holiday, Groundhog Day and St Patrick’s Day)
  • Member of our Kajabi Community for individual practitioners

COST- $35/ month or $385 for the year (one month free)


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