Part 2- ​​EXERSHINEKids POWER Bootcamp Program: Implementation with Fidelity

Presented by Amy Wheadon, OTD, OTR/L 


Anyone who exercises regularly can acknowledge the endorphin release that occurs with high intensity activities like running, rock climbing, HIIT workouts and lifting weights. Following a period of exercise, many people report feeling more relaxed, more focused and less anxious.

 Moreover, it’s widely known that exercising in a group can foster a sense of belonging, comradery and community.

And while the improved physical and mental health benefits of exercise is commonly promoted for adults and teens, when it comes to children, the conversation is far less common. 

But the truth is; structured levels of high intensity exercise can collectively impact the physical, social and emotional health of children – especially those with sensory processing challenges.


One where BOTH the physical and emotional health benefits are realized while enhancing social participation in children by providing organic opportunities for peer interaction and cooperation.


 By applying the evidence, theory and frameworks discussed in Part 1, the EXERSHINEKids POWER Bootcamp clinician training and certification course (Part 2) will provide you with the tools and the confidence to implement the EXERSHINEkids POWER Bootcamp Program in a group setting with fidelity. 

In addition to learning how to run group classes, certified clinicians also receive 8 weeks of content, marketing materials, web templates and more, so the bootcamp program can be immediately implemented within the practice setting.  


Note: This session is highly interactive and includes a practical lab component, video demonstrations, and support on group program set up and roll out in the clinician’s practice environment.

EXERSHINEKids POWER Bootcamp Program- Implementation with Fidelity

A 5 hour live virtual training where you’ll be certified in delivering the Exershine Kids Power Bootcamp Program within your clinic – this includes clinic access to an 8 week bootcamp curriculum as well as a printable manual and accompanying marketing and enrolment resources.

$499 for lead clinician; $129 for additional clinicians thereafter


DATE: May 19th 2023 OR July 22nd 2023

TIME: 12:30 - 5:30pm EST


Part 1 is PreRequisite: This course is designed for clinicians who are planning to take the next step and implement EXERSHINEkids in their practice and includes certification and competency



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