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Harness the power of high intensity exercise to build strength, increase confidence, enhance self-regulation, and improve functional outcomes in your pediatric clients.

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When you give kiddos just the right level of challenge, and a sprinkle of playful theming, something magic happens… 

They SHINE! 

Which is why I’m combining my book (Kings Day Out) with my powerful OT philosophy (exerSHINE kids POWER bootcamp) to show you just how easy (and FUN!) it can be to inspire and empower your clients to independently manage their sensory challenges and to become self advocates for their own success in all daily occupations! 

Kings Day Out

In 2019, I met an amazing children’s author, Maggie van Galen. We started talking about ways that books can inspire kiddos to be self advocates.

Recognizing that OT can be instrumental for kiddos with sensory processing differences by teaching them how to be in tune with their bodies and to know “what they need” to feel safe and regulated, King’s Day Out was born!

A story about self awareness, self advocacy and empowerment, the book follows the adventures of a child with sensory processing differences named Ben, and his puppy, King. As the pair navigate an everyday adventure (the car wash), Ben teaches King how to use sensory strategies for support and success!

ExerSHINE Kids POWER Bootcamp

Over the past 22 years as an OT, I have acknowledged the invaluable strength and motor skills that are developed through physical exercise, and I have observed how structured exercise can improve self regulation. Through practice, research, and refinement, the eclectic ExerSHINE Kids POWER Bootcamp philosophy was born.

Specifically designed to increase confidence, empowerment and pride in children by entwining self-awareness, self-advocacy, and independent use of strategies within high intensity sessions, this approach has been shown to generate improvements in specific sensory processing skills and functional outcomes in daily occupations (as evidenced in our 2019 clinical trials).

Combining Stories and Exercise for Self Regulation and EmPOWERment

Learn how to weave the ExerSHINEkids philosophy into the powerful Kings Day Out story in an pre-recorded workshop so you can use my favorite proprioceptive packed, exercise based, themed activities to build strength, teach sensory strategies and EMPOWER your kiddos to be self-advocates!

COST: $19

Upgrade and purchase the book as well for an additional $15, delivered right to your door so you can read this book to your kiddos and use the strategies together!

I am in!



Wondering who’s behind this philosophy AND this book? 

Hi, I’m Amy

Or Dr Amy Wheadon, OTD, OTR/L if you want to get ‘official’

I’ve been a runner and weight lifter for the past 25 years, an OT who has practiced in pediatrics for more than 20 years, and for the last 15 years, I’ve also gone by the title of Mom.

And, I am an adult with sensory processing differences.

About a decade ago I made the connection that high intensity exercise (running and lifting weights) helped improve my sensory processing. Working out helped me to feel focused, productive, calmer, more comfortable in my own skin, and generally just a happier person…
Noticing the impact it had on me, I started incorporating exercise as a primary change agent within my practice and recognized that the kiddos were demonstrating similar outcomes.

This inspired me to infuse my love of exercise with my passion as a pediatric OT to create, design & research the ExerSHINE Kids Power Bootcamp Program


Once we started researching the program, we found astounding measurable results, which backed up what me, my team, and countless parents, teachers and professionals were already noticing…

Things like significant measurable improvements in

  • tactile processing
  • body awareness
  • balance and motion
  • praxis and planning
  • ADL performance
  • IADL performance
  • Increased focus for peer interactions & social participation

At its core, the EXERSHINEkids philosophy teaches kiddos how to use exercise to feel safe and regulated, so of course, when King’s Day Out was released in 2020 I immediately turned this book into a series of high intensity exercises that I started using with my kiddos.

Now I want to share this with you!


During this interactive 1 hour workshop you’ll learn:

The POWER of high intensity exercise as a change agent for improving self regulation in children with sensory processing challenges.

Easy to implement exercises that target strength, balance, and motor planning while also engaging sensory systems (proprioception, vestibular input and tactile input) for improved functional outcomes.

How you can use storytelling & theming to create engaging, and emPOWERing sessions for your kiddos

By the end of this workshop, you will be ready to
start using this book and the exercises ASAP in your sessions!

And the best bit…

These strategies take ZERO prep!

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